Fresh Project

We’ve got your next project covered from start to finish, however complex or daunting it may look. Our team is proud to offer a whole spectrum of expert management resources – not to mention all the benefits of 15 years’ experience. From complete relocations to cloud migration, and from bespoke upgrades to navigating the future of legislation, you’ve got a well-proven partner. To explore some successful Fresh project work, please take a look in our blog section. Contact us


We’ve made technology relocation something of a speciality and we’re proud of our record. The Fresh team has successfully relocated more than 50 companies, ranging from 10 to 200 people. To achieve a cohesive, seamless relocation, we meet with architects and designers, fit out AV rooms, plan WiFi and oversee the whole process from start to finish. In a complex digital age, we make sure your move goes like clockwork.

EquiPment Upgrades

We make it our business to understand what equipment your company needs and, crucially, when it’s time to upgrade. This can mean the best possible WiFi and new servers, or a thorough security overhaul in the shape of Unified Threat Management.


Increasingly, companies are moving from traditional onsite mailservers, fileservers and backup to a cloud system. We have a wealth of experience guiding people through this process and ensuring that it happens without a hitch. The outcome is simply better all round. A cloud solution is more secure and robust and usually better value too.


When you invest in new computers, you need to know that they will work perfectly within your existing network from the start – it’s also important to record each machine’s asset details. These outboarding tasks are second nature to our team, so your IT will be contributing straight out of the box.


Choosing and sourcing precisely the right kit for your business can be time wasting and nerve-wracking. A wrong move could leave you with expensive technology that’s simply not pulling its weight. We can advise you on the best equipment choices and, because we have accounts with the major distributors, we can help you to source it, ensuring timely, hassle-free delivery for installation.


The General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] comes into effect in Spring 2018 and will impact on every company. Being ready and up to speed is absolutely vital, so we’ve created a process that gets you compliant and covers all the issues.


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A guide to Cloud Productivity Suites

A guide to Cloud Productivity Suites

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