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Using Podcasts to market your business

Introduction In this article we’ll be looking at virtually all aspects of the advantages of using Podcasting to advertise your business, how to promote your Podcast and the technical process for both online, software and hardware. Promoting your business can be very expensive, in research for this article I looked up a few of advertising […]

Posted: 2019-01-02

The future of the Mac

Apple recently held an event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House. Along with a new Macbook Air and new Mac Mini, they also announced a new iPad Pro, in 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. They feature Liquid Retina Display, Powerful A12X Bionic Chip and Face ID. Let’s take a quote from Tim […]

Posted: 2018-11-14

An introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Introduction If you’ve invested in Google’s G Suite SaaS products (please see this article for more information A guide to Cloud Productivity Suites), or are new to Google, you may be wondering what other cloud products Google offer. This article offers a good overview of Google Cloud Platform or GCP, and its core technologies. What […]

Posted: 2018-11-14

Apple and Google sitting in a tree

Human and Machine Partnership Over the last few articles we’ve looked at the Google’s Cloud offering. Google offers reliable, scalable, and cost effective storage, cloud computing, A.I tools, and of course search. Apple manufactures (in my opinion) the most beautiful computers in the world, and with the most elegant Operating System. Apple also offers an […]

Posted: 2018-04-17

A guide to Cloud Productivity Suites

A guide to Cloud Productivity Suites

Introduction In the traditional office I.T environment, there are often a varied collection of PC’s and Macs of different configurations and power. There is also different software; different Operating Systems, different versions of Microsoft Office, collaboration by emailing multiple versions of a Word document. This article looks at moving productivity to the Cloud. So, what is […]

Posted: 2018-01-15

Secure your SME IT with these 5 Tips

Secure your SME IT with these 5 Tips

With the regular media coverage of virus outbreaks, fraudulent email scams and state sponsored hacking; getting the message out about how the importance of IT security isn’t an issue. The majority of business’ understand they need their IT infrastructure to be secure and resilient to attack but how do you get there? If you work […]

Posted: 2018-01-02